Is She the Girl for Me?

It all started during My Graduation. I met this girl through a close friend i used to College with. It all started as a big joke but turned out to be real. The girl was so shy, couldn’t think she’d make me happy, but she proved me wrong. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She made my life so fun and real, through her i got to know what love is…
Things went so well with us but then, i got admission in another City and She also got a job, hence our love turned out to be long distance. I know what i feel for her is real and great, but am not sure ready to settle with her. I m 23 years old,nd i am not ready to settle down with her.I also think my dad won’t accept her, and am also not ready to be disappointed, should i take the risk or should i move on, and wait for fate to offer me something better? I love her sooo very much…..

    • himanshu
    • February 27th, 2010

    Yeah! Its great story of Yours.
    I think U should Join her in ur Life…

  1. nice love story.itz gd that’s u loved with ur heart.

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