HappY B’Day…

Hii Frndz,
You know today is 8th April and this is the Day when an
Angle Come to this Earth; And Now She is My Best Friend…..
Hmmm, wo thodi Natkhati, Or thodi si Shrarati hai…….

Yeah!! One thing about her is that She lives always Natural……..

I write Some lines about Her:-

“Suraj roshni le kar aaya…
Aur panchhi ne gaana gaaya…
PhooloN ne hans hans kar bola…
SNEHI aapka janam din aaya….”

” पोंछ कर अश्क अपनी आँखों से मुस्कुराओ तो कोई बात बने,
सर झुकाने से कुछ नहीं होगा सर उठाओ तो कोई बात बने…”

Wish and Pray For My Dear Friend that She keeps Smiling Always….
Hahahaha hehehehe hohohoho hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa……..


    • Manish Kinwar
    • April 9th, 2010

    Happy Birthday “DEAR”.

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