Q.1) Elucidate spike? What is the purpose of spike? Explain the method to add graphics to the spike?
Ans: Spike is the hidden feature of MS office we can say that because most of the users don’t know that. It work like we can copy the matter one by one and putting them in the basket in this way we can handle multiple copy problem. So spike is also interesting feature of the MS office.
Demo tool

How to move item in spike stake
For moving item in the spike you have to select the first the items that Hot CTRL+F3 or click on the spike button.
This step you can do multiple times and when you completed and want all the items back directly that hit the CTRL+SHIFT+F3.
Now if you want to view you stack item simply open the spike folder like
In MS office 2008 and 2010 you can do by going on the big upper MS office button and going on the MS office option and then in the tab select all item then go to the Spike and move spike in the Tab that’s it.

Q.2) Compare and contrast between word wrap and justification?
Word wrap is the wrapping of the text or images either vice versa while justification only justifies the text centre right or left.

What actually the word wrap means

Actually the wrapping means to apply the selected object with its relative object.
Like if we want to write a text on image that is not possible and if we want to add the image this is also not possible.

The following are the points which satisfy the wrapping.

In line with text
This option enabled the side by side placing of images and the text.

This type of wrapping enabled the image to make a square around itself and place the text.

In the tight wrapping the text and images wrapped tightly.
In front of text
This option enabled to write in front of the text
Behind the text
As the name implies the text are written behind the image.
Wrap in the table

Some more primitive’s windows

In the justification we actually justify the document text and images according to its requirement.
The justification added the extra spaces around the text by adding space extra. It gives the clean look like this:
Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo
Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo
Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo
Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo Demo demo demo demo

Q.3. what do you understand by restore points? How can you create and use restore points?
Restore points is actually the snapshot of computer configuration which is used for back up all the files if the problem comes.
We can create restore points in two ways first the system automatically create the system restore points and second we can create manually.

Steps required to make restore points.

Now we opened the system restore points now go

Step -01

Step 02

Step 3

We safely create the restore points.

Part B

Q.4. What is an insertion point? How will you correct the mistakes you commit while typing in the text?

Ans :-Insertion point is the point from where we can start over typing it may be
Or it is the blink cursor which we can see in MSWORD which is use to see where we currently are ,..


1:-we can set the behaviour of the insertion point by going on the word press option or either windows xp options.

2:-In ms office 2007 and 10 the blinking rate of insertion point is idle.

..How to set behaviour of insertion point..
On the tool menu go to option>Complex script>

There are two type of order there logical and visual.
-set according to your choice.

The insertion point behaviour is different according to the refresh screen rate.

Q.5. In a multipage document, how will you scroll the document? Describe the technique?

Scrolling is the techniques of navigation in the document in which we can navigate in the document either horizontally or vertically..

1:- scroll up:-
We can scroll up the document using this button which is found on the frame of the windows

2:- Scroll down
This button is use to scroll up the document downward

3:- Scroll left
Similar this button is used to scroll left the button

4:- Scroll up and down vertical: By clicking and holding this button we can move vertically upward and downward.

Similarly we can go horizontally left or right by holding this button.

6:-WE can also used the page up and page down to scroll the document.

7:-Arrow up and down key:- We can also navigate the document by arrows up and down key.

8:- Using mouse middle button we can also move the it the document by holding the middle button and give the direction.

9:-Laptop special button
Some laptop contain special buttons to move in the document.

Q.6. Differentiate between copying and moving?
copying a file
1:-In copying a file the Operating system make duplicate copy of the file and paste it in a new place (location).
2:-Copying a file is intensive process as compare to the moving.
3:-In file copy register are not free instead of new registers required.
4:-System calls are more required.

Moving a file
1:In moving a file the operating system move the content to the new location and delete the current data.
2:-Moving a file is less intensive process
3:-In file move the actual register content to the new location.
4:-Less system calls are required.

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