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My Dear Poem

Dear-O-Dear, You are not Near,

But I can Hear, Don’t get fear,

Your Memories are Here,

Live with Cheer, No More Tear,

Manish Kinwar are always My Dear…:-)


Need Jobs, Any Job or Job assistance

Hi Dear,
Good Morning!

If you are facing the problem of unemployment, here is good news for you all.
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Hope you are getting settled with your relevant job in this fast paced environment… Good luck.


Wo Bachpan !!

Hi Frndz,

Warm wishes of Happy New Year and Good Morning…

Aaj mujhe naa jane kyun apne bachpan k dinon ki yaad aa rhi hai…

ho bhi kyun na aaj ke is race wali dunia me wo baat kaha…

Bachpan Ke Dukh Kitne Ajeeb Hote the,
Tub to sirf Khilone Tora karte the..

Wo Khushiyan bhi Jane Kesi Khushiyan thi,
Titlyon k par nouch k Uchhla karte the..

Chhote the to Manish Kinwar bhi chhote the,
Dana daal k chidiya pakda karte the..

Paon maar k Barish k Pani mein,
Apni naou aap duboya karte the..

Apne jal jane ka bhi ehsaas na tha,
Jalte huye sholoun ko chheda karte the..

Ab tou ek ansoo bhi ruswa kar dete hain,
Bachpan me to jee bhar k Roya karte the……..;-)

I am missing my Naughty, Lovely Bachpan (Childhood)….:-) 🙂

Give Value to what you have….!

Hey Guys,
Good-Morning to all.
Today I want to say that give value to what you have…..

If you are SINGLE and you keep on
Remember your mates are getting married every weekend,
If i may ask,
Are they marrying spirits or ghosts?.
Please wise up!

If you are married and you keep saying; I HATE THIS MARRIAGE!”.
Is it not married people like you celebrating Marriage Anniversaries?.

If you keep on ranting;
ON ME!.. Please go to town and see all the cute, hot, sexy, hungry and desperate “Ladies”
waiting to
snatch your man’s
money and
property, they don’t mind sharing. Make it work,

Stop saying; I HATE MY
See, twenty million people are
and can’t even find any job,
not to
talk of keeping it. Do you want
to join them?.

You keep on
saying; I HATE
Oh please!
try visiting those
locations that are
flooding now, people,
living & sleeping under the
bridge at night, you will be grateful to God that you even
have a place to stay.

For those saying;
Go to the
hospital and see people
fighting for
their lives. Try visiting the mortuary and catch a glimpse, then, come and tell me what you feel!

My point is, be positive
and believe in God, in any situation: AS FAR AS THERE IS

His time, is truly the best!

Keep Smiling 🙂
Your Friend Manish Kinwar

Resume Writing

Hi Friends,
Resume is the document through which you may be selected in an Organization
or Company, that’s why it’s very important for the candidate who is seeking job in their relevant field.

Today I am going to write important facts about Resume.

Resume Must Contains Following:-
— The Headline should be Bold.
— Your Name with Email-Id and Mobile/Contact number
— Your Current Address.
— Your Career Objective.
— If you are experienced then write about Company your job profile and duration of your job. It is better if you draw a table and write in efficient manner. If you are not Experienced then Skip it.
— Your Professional qualification.
— Your Academic qualification.
— Your Projects which are made up by you only.
— Your Extra Curricular skills/Achievements
— Your Hobbies and Interests (It should show your Strengths and your Interpersonal skills).
— Your Personal Information which may include your DOB, Sex, Father Name, Nationality, Language known and your Permanent Address.
— And Finally the space for Date and Signature.

Resume writing contents may vary person to person according their knowledge and belief. If you feel anything missing or you want to add something to improve resume contents better:
You are Welcome by Mr. Manish Kinwar.
Thank You.

जिंदगी एक पहेली है…..

जिंदगी एक पहेली है,
कभी दुश्मन तो , कभी सहेली है,
कभी है दुखों की भरमार,
तो कभी है खुशियाँ अपार,
जिंदगी तो है एक इम्तेहान यारों,
कोई पास हुआ, तो कोई फेल यारों,
जिंदगी तो है एक खेल यारों,
कभी हार तो कभी है जीत यारों,
इसकी अजब – गजब है रीत यारों,
जिंदिगी के जैसा नहीं कोई मीत यारों,
कभी अपनों को दूर कर देती है,
कभी सपनो को चूर कर देती है,
हर किसी को मजबूर कर देती है,
जिंदगी कभी मिलन है, तो कभी है जुदाई,
कभी मेला, कभी तन्हाई है,
कभी अपनी है, तो कभी है पराई,
जिंदगी तो बेवफा है, इसका न तुम ऐतबार करना,
इस जिंदगी से कभी न तुम प्यार करना,
कभी सावन है, तो कभी पतझड़ का मौसम,
कभी रास्ता है, तो कभी हमदम,
हर क्षण, हर पल लेती रूप बदल जिंदगी,
कभी है गहरा जख्म जिंदगी,
कभी बन जाये खुद मरहम जिंदगी,
कभी है ये कष्टों के कांटे,
तो कभी बन जाये माँ का आँचल,
कोई नहीं जान सका इसको,
कोई नहीं पहचान सका इसको,
कि क्या है जिंदगी….?

iPhone in India…

Hi Guys,
how are you?

This is a good article for all those who want to buy an iPhone in India or with International warranty.