Job Interview Questions and Answers

Job Interview Questions and Answers

Anticipating the job interview questions is one of the best ways to get ready for an interview. Getting ready for an interview requires homework, but the hours of prep time will be worth it. Your answers for any interview questions are taken into consideration by the interviewer.

This page is an index page of the most read interview questions and answers written for the Job Interview Guide blog.

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How to answer Job Interview Questions?
Interview questions that are frequently asked during a job interview.
The First Job Interview Questions

The common Interview Questions and Answers: these questions that are asked at the beginning of any job interview:

* Tell Me about Yourself

These initial job interview questions are the warm up questions. However, the fact is that the first 10 minutes of the interview are crucial. In these 10 minutes the decision of hiring you is made by the interviewer and the rest of the interview spends on giving the interviewer rational for his decision.

Best answers to the interview questions about your – Job Search and Career aspirations
Best answers to Interview Questions about – your job target, future plans and more.

* Why Should We Hire You?
* Why Do You Want This Job?
* Why do you want to work here?
* Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?
* Why Were You Fired?
* What Are Your Salary Expectations?
* What interest you about this job?
* The challenges that you are looking for.
* Why Are You The Best Person For The Job?
* Are You Willing To Relocate or to Travel?
* Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

When asking these questions, the employer wishes to observe:-

Are you going to take any job offer (shooting in all directions..) or did you seriously planed your job search target and career objectives?
Have you done your homework?
Do you want to ‘get a foot in the door’ OR Are you going to bring added value to the company (How do you see this job matching your skills?)?
Are you selective in your job search?

Consider the job requirements and your background before you answer these interview questions.
Keep in mind that you should try to construct an answer that will explain who you are and why you are there.
Best answer/response for the behavioral/Job-Competencies Interview Questions
Best answers to interview questions that are asked to know your better:

* Why Did You Choose This Career?
* Examples of Strengths and Weaknesses
* Answering Weaknesses & Strengths questions
* Are You A Team Player?
* How do you handle conflicts?
* What do you like/dislike about your job?
* Your relationship with your co workers.
* What motivates you, Define success
* What is your Greatest Achievement?
* ‘Describe Yourself’ ……


These tough interview questions are asked to provide useful insights into your working style and your behavior in order to predict your performance in future situations.
In responding to these questions, the most important aspect is to tell a short story or to give a specific example rather than talking on general terms.

Please send me Comments to Read more on how to correctly answer these job interview questions.
Competency based questions are meant to evaluate skills, past behavior and knowledge/experience of a candidate.



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A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
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Like silken thread it holds us fast
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A new one forms in its wake
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Zindagi Me Kisi Ka Saath Kaafi Hai…

Hi Dear,

Chai Ke Cup Se Uthte Dhuein Mein Teri Shakl Nazar Aati Hai,

Tere Khyalon Mein Kho Kar Aksar Meri Chai Thandi Ho Jaati Hai.

Twinkle Twinkle Lazy Star,

Kitna Soyega Uth Ja Yaar,

Up Above The World So High,

Sun Has Risen In The Sky,

Uth Ke Jaldi Pele Chai,

Then Call Me And Say Hi?

Pani Ki Bondain Phulon Ko Bhiga Rahi Haipani Ki Bondain Phulon Ko Bhiga Rahi Hai

Thandi Lehren Ek Tazgi Jaga Rahi Hai,

Ho Jaye Aap B Inme Shamil

Ek Pyari Si Subah Aapko Jaga Rahi Hai

?Good Morning?

Zindagi Mei Kisi Ka Saath Kaafi Hai

Haatho Mei Kisi Ka Haath Kafi Hai

Dur Ho Ya Paas Fark Nahi Padta

Pyar Ka To Bas Ehsaas Hi Kaafi Hai !

Tujh Par Khatm Meri Har Chahat Hogi,

Fir Na Kisi Par Ye Inayat Hogi,

Kuchh Is Tarah Karenge Hum Mohabbat Tujhko

Ke Na Zamane Ko Khabar Hogi Na Zamane Ko Koi Shikayat Hogi !

Todna Hota To Rishta Na Banate,

Umid Na Hoti To Sapne Hum Na Sajate,

Aitbar Kiya Hai Aapki Dosti Pe Bharosa Na Hota To

Apne Dil Ka Hissa Na Banate !

Band Rakhte He Jubaan Lub Khola Nhi Krte

Chand K Samne Sitare Bola Nhi Krte

Yaad Karte He Tumko Har Pal

Ye Raaz Hotho Se Khola Nahi Karat !

Na Koi Kissi Se Dur Hota Hai,

Na Koi Kissi Ke Karib Hota Hai,

Pyaar Khud Chal Ke Aata,

Jab Koi Kissi Ke Nasib Mein Hota Hai!

Husn Me Naaz Tha Nazakat Thi,

Ishq Me Ehsaas Tha Sharafat Thi,

Woh Zamana Bhi Kya Zamana Tha,

Pyaar Karna Bhi Ek Ibaadat Thi !

Taras Gaye Tere Didaar Ko,

Dil Phir Bhi Tere Liye Dua Karta Hai.

Hum Se Acchha To Tere Ghar Ka Aaina Hai,

Jo Roj Tujhe Dekh To Liya Karta Hai !

Dil Ki Baat Janta Nai Koi,

Kehna In Aankhon Ka Manta Nahi Koi,

Hum To Jaan Bhi Luta De Khushi Se,

Par Ehmiyat Is Jaan Ki Janta Nahi Koi !

Love & Smile…..

The Word “MAA”

Jiski baanho ne hame sahara diya tab,
Jab hamare kadam bhi jamin par nahi pade the,
Kohni ki chhoti se kharonch se le kar,
Dil par lagi har chot ko mujhse jyada usne saha,
Bhale hi dunia ne mere aansu kabhi na dekhe ho,
par uske samne Na jane main kitni baar bejhijhak roya,
Exam to mere hote the par asli parixa to usne di,
Itna Sab Kuchh karne par bhi,
Jo hamari kamyabi par Sirf Muskurane me hi khush hai,
Us “MAA” ko Shat-Shat Naman.



A-Z for Life…

A= Aitbaar
B= Bharosa
C= Chahat
D= Dosti
E= Enaayat
F= Faisla
G= Gum
H= Humdam
I= Intejar
J= jazbat
K= Kismat
L= Lamhe
M= Mohabbat
N= Narajgi
O= Or
P= pyar
Q= Qurbani
R= Riste
S= Samjhota
T= Tanhai
U= Umeed
V= Viraniya
W= waada
X= Xcuze
Y= Yaadein

Or in sub feeling se milkar banti hai…

Z= Zindgi.

Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai..

Hosh Waalon Ko Kya Khabar Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai
Ishq Kijiye Phir Samajhiye,Zindagi Kyaa Cheez Hai

Hosh Waalon Ko Khabar Kya,Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai
Ishq Kijiye Fir Samajhiye,Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai

Unse Nazarein Kya Mili,Roshan Fizayein Ho Gayin
Aaj Jaana Pyaar Ki,Jadoogari Kya Cheez Hai

Khulti Zulfon Ne Sikhayi,Mausamon Ko Shayari
Jhukti Aankhon Ne Bataya,Mehkashi Kya Cheez Hai

Hum Labon Se Keh Na Paaye,Unse Haal-E-Dil Kabhi
Aur Woh Samjhe Nahi Yeh,Khamoshi Kya Cheez Hai….