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Resume Writing

Hi Friends,
Resume is the document through which you may be selected in an Organization
or Company, that’s why it’s very important for the candidate who is seeking job in their relevant field.

Today I am going to write important facts about Resume.

Resume Must Contains Following:-
— The Headline should be Bold.
— Your Name with Email-Id and Mobile/Contact number
— Your Current Address.
— Your Career Objective.
— If you are experienced then write about Company your job profile and duration of your job. It is better if you draw a table and write in efficient manner. If you are not Experienced then Skip it.
— Your Professional qualification.
— Your Academic qualification.
— Your Projects which are made up by you only.
— Your Extra Curricular skills/Achievements
— Your Hobbies and Interests (It should show your Strengths and your Interpersonal skills).
— Your Personal Information which may include your DOB, Sex, Father Name, Nationality, Language known and your Permanent Address.
— And Finally the space for Date and Signature.

Resume writing contents may vary person to person according their knowledge and belief. If you feel anything missing or you want to add something to improve resume contents better:
You are Welcome by Mr. Manish Kinwar.
Thank You.